Happy wife, happy life – developing a premium sale system

Selling Annuity


Do you agree with this? I. If my wife is happy, then I am, then being married means being a partner with another person.

My wife and I have different roles in our marriage. I volunteer, take care of our house and daughter, and especially care about me.

I run the job, mowing the lawn pending further instructions. Like most of us who live in a husband’s land.

How do I do my work so that it does not spill over into her life as negative? I remember when I couldn’t make enough money to make everything work. I would go home in an unhappy situation, and the situation in which anxiety spread to our home life. How can I do that?

I wrote a business plan and decided that work was work and play was play.

I finally got to know my target market already. Instead of anyone talking to me, I decided on the only people I was talking to He wrote it. My market prospect premiums:

The elderly over the age of 65

O appointments during the day and can be accessed

Assets available from $ 400,000 or Less

o People who will benefit from my simple installment products

You needed a drilling method to complete the premium sale system – to reach these people and another would be affordable. There were plenty of options, seminars, direct mail, and referrals. I decided to use a combination of these and also decided to keep my marketing budget reasonable.

Use this as a comparison of your layout. If you invest $ 1,000 a month in annual marketing with a direct mail campaign, you should expect about $ 120 annually. With a typical 1/3 lead conversion ratio, you should be able to get 40 chances per month. After a few weeks you will also add to these closings from previous weeks along with deliveries. Now you are busy, you are.

By outsource marketing with a real commitment (direct mail), she managed to focus more on other parts of the business such as appointments and annuities for sale. I also outsource the dial because I am inconvenient on the phone.

As a result, I was able to remove the commercial negatives from the house and only share them with the benefits we now enjoy. I had myself an effective premium selling system that worked.

Here are some additional points.

O Write down the business plan

O Write down the target market’s prospects

o Decide how to get there

O Outsource Marketing

O Outsourcing everything I was not good at (I am outsourcing the phone)

Q Simplify your production line (I don’t sell LTC or life insurance) I only sell annuities

Schedule work weeks, if it is a work week, and work all week. If it’s a play week, no work will happen (I set 40 weeks a year as work weeks)

o If you work at home, you have a place to go in your home, and when you are in your office, you do not work and nothing else. (Take Solitaire from your computer)

Do not analyze anything, keep things simple (repeat: keep it simple)

O Purchase the premiums and be proud of

o Don’t call yourself a financial planner, real estate planner, etc. This is who we are!

If you do not enjoy selling and do not own annual pensions, do not sell them. And always remember …

A happy wife is a happy life

Source by Bill Broich

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